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16th Street Pavers Set & Parking Is Ready


Fisher Concrete Finishes Pavers on 16th St

Construction work along 16th St.

Parking Is Ready

Parking along 16th Street has been approved by the SAB City Commission. The pavers have been laid adding an additional twenty parking spaces at the beach.

After much deliberation between the public and the City Commissioners, the no parking signs were removed and funding for the parking spaces was allocated. According to Kevin Fisher of Fisher Concrete, 16 inches of dirt was excavated and 12 inches of stone was laid as a stabilizer with 16 x 24 inch cement pavers laid on top. The paving work will allow cars to safely park along the roadway.

Fisher Concrete Finishes Pavers on 16th St

Kevin Fisher of Fisher Concrete.

Fisher is not new to paving work and has been throwing cement since he was in high school.

Fisher Concrete has been in business for over 30 years. This family owned business specializes in artistic paving design and was contracted to lay the pavers in St Augustine Beach. Fisher Concrete also did the paving work at World Golf Village as well as the downtown parking garage.

“I don’t know the word stop.” said Kevin Fisher. “This is my God given talent.”

Like many small businesses, Fisher Concrete, Inc also struggled during the downturn of the economy. “We went from 65 employees in 2005 down to five in 2014.” Fisher said. But that didn’t stop Fisher. “I went six years without a paycheck in order to pay my employees,” he said. “I drove the dump truck for five years.”

No job is too small for Fisher and that is what kept the business afloat during the down time. “ I believe when you help other people things come back to you.”

Fisher was grateful to assist SAB with the paving job and so were the employees working on the street. “Never forget who you are,” said Fisher as he grabbed a shovel to help his employees finishing up the construction on 16th Street. “Never forget who you are!”