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A Night Of Spooky Happenings In SAB

St Augustine Beach Halloween (3) (640x480)

SAB home really makes it fun for the kids and adults at Halloween

Spooks, tiny ninja’s, witches and even sumo wrestlers took to the streets on Halloween night in search of goodies and frightening fun. Sea Grove was awash with the little devils darting from house to house. Moms and dads joined in the fun dressing up the house with Halloween  decorations as well as themselves. Even baby sister’s stroller was covered with funky spider webs.

Homes off of A Street really hooked up the kids with Halloween cheer. Decorated to the roof tops with pumpkins, ghosts and even Frankenstein, you could see that this neighborhood really got into making this day special and safe.

St Augustine Beach Halloween (640x480)

Top Chef welcomes Trick or Treaters

Beach neighbors  were not the only ones making sure the kids had a fun and safe Halloween celebration, the gang at Anastasia Baptist Church set up a parking lot full of things for the kids to do.  With hundreds of the little monsters enjoying the evening, decorated cars were set up along the parking lot and the trunk & treats were available for all. Four year old, Kalie Samson was dressed as a cheerleader. When asked what she thought of Halloween Kalie looked wide eyed. She smiled, shook her head and hug on tightly to her mom’s hand.

Along with the community activities for the kids, A1A Beach Blvd had plenty of costume clad adults traveling between the venues. Needless to say…the beach was really hopping, but now it is time to put the pumpkins away and hide the candy from the kids.  With the holidays right around the corner, remember to take the time to stop and see the magic through the eyes of a child.