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A Visit To The Georgia Aquarium At Marineland's New Sea Turtle Exhibit

Marineland Sea Turtle Exhibit

Tank is Marineland’s new rescue turtle

Helping Sea Turtles

Open for four months, the new sea turtle exhibit at Marineland has become the forever home to two large rescued sea turtles.

Two enormous medical sea tanks with underwater viewing ports sit right next to the ocean on the grounds of Marineland.

Marineland Sea Turtle Exhibit

Jessica Janes educates visitors to the park

The turtles are surrounded by nature and a

caring staff. Both turtle were injured in the wild. Tank is a 35 year old green sea turtle weighing 450lbs. “We believe he was attacked by a shark.” said Jessica Janes a Marineland Education Dept. Green sea turtles are the largest hard-shell turtle in the sea. Looking through the under water viewing port visitors are able to watch the turtles swim, eat and use their  flippers.

Rocky, a loggerhead sea turtle is too young to sex. According to Janes a turtle needs to be 25 to 30 years old to tell the sex. They believe Rocky was hit by a boat making Rocky blind in the left eye.

Marineland Sea Turtle Exhibit

Getting up close and personal with Tank

For the safety of the animals, both turtles are unable to be released into the wild and will remain at The Georgia Aquarium-Marineland.

Although Marineland is in the process of expanding the sea turtle exhibit, it continues to be the perfect place to view a sea turtle up close and personal.