Bike Week 2016 Begins

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Bikers travel along A1A for the beginning of Bike Week 2016. photo 2016

Hundreds of bikers traveled down A1A Beach Boulevard last weekend. With sunny sky and a slight chill in the air, the ride was perfect along the coast.

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Bike Week in Daytona Beach. With the hundreds of riders spilling into other areas around Dayton Beach, St Augustine Beach has proven to be a perfect stop-over spot. Rooms along the beach have filled up and motorcycles, trailers and licenses plates from around the country can be seen on the roads and parking lots at the beach.

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Biker traveling on a beautiful day in SAB. photo 2016

Boss Ritter, from North Carolina came down with his wife. “This is our second year bringing the bikes down,” he said. “The people and businesses are great to bikers!”

The ride from Dayton to St. Augustine, along A1A, has become a favorite for many visitors to the city and one of the best riding experiences in the area. The open road and natural beauty can’t be beat. With the ocean, dunes, parks and local eateries and hang outs along the way, bikers have a destination around every curve. There is so much to see and do. Spending a week in North Florida is a great escape and the perfect winter vacation.