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Boat Week 2015 With The Best of the Best


420’s sail along the bay front .


A Picture Postcard Kind of Weekend

The waters around St Augustine Beach were awash of activity last week, thanks to the St Augustine Yacht Club’s first annual Boat Week. Sponsored by the First Coast Sailing Association, boats of all sizes were represented. With a tent set up on the bayfront, the Yacht Club was sailing through the evening with award ceremonies and bands like the 418 Band, Oh No and I-Vibe to help calm the old sea dog. An ice cream social was held for the younger sailors to close out the weekend.


Steve Bond, a member of the St Augustine Yacht Club and announcer.

Along with the St Augustine Yacht Club, representatives from other clubs in Florida were also involved including: Smyrna Yacht Club, Florida Yacht Club, Epping Forest Yacht Club, Navy Jax Yacht Club, Rudder Club of Jacksonville, North Florida Cruising Club and Halifax River Yacht Club. With races held both offshore, inshore and on the bay front, both visitors and the sea faring at heart had plenty to dream about as they watched the races and the boats along the horizon.

“This is a nice central location,” said announcer Steve Bond, a member of the St Augustine Yacht Club. “The rich sailing history makes it the perfect spot.”

While the beach was full of sun worshippers, the 36 off shore boats traveled with sail aloft to various points North and South. The big boats, from 25 to 46 feet in length, have a performance rating handicapping which is factored in at the finish.

Close to 60 boats were invited to the event with skippers aging from age 6 years to 60 plus years. The twelve Optis, raced along the bay front and was the perfect race for the beginner. These seven foot long boats have room for one sailor and the tiny size of 77 pounds makes them perfect for the young beginning sailor. “This is the first time we focused on the young sailor,” Bond said. “This invitation event has the best of the best.”

As the boats sailed along the shoreline, postcard scenes could be viewed from the water’s edge . Some would say it truly was a postcard weekend with the best of the best competing in our waters.