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Brother Brother (Bro-Bro) Headline at Lohman

brother brother concert

Brett and Bradley Anderson of Brother Brother play with Mike Lagasse. photo 2016

Although the weather outside was frightful on Saturday night, the atmosphere inside Lohman Auditorium was warm and welcoming for the Gamble Rogers Concert Series, featuring singer/ songwriters Brother Brother. The auditorium was close to full with music lovers of all ages. The crowd mingled in the lobby, purchasing raffle tickets and homemade baked goods. It was so small town and evident everyone was enjoying this special night out.

Opening for Brother Brother was local musician Mike Lagasse and special guest Todd Jones. With both wearing what looked like signature hats, Lagassee and Jones hit it out of the park, vocally as well as musically. Guitars were a-picking and a-strumming as the two jammed on stage.

The talent of the two was evident on “Night Living.” The impressive vocals and the rhythmic sway had all bodies moving. Their jazz impression on an old Jalapeno Brothers song, really took the set to another level. Both virtuoso’s fingers flew on the fret board as they jammed into the beloved standard “The Autumn Leaves.” The audience was apparently grateful to be sitting in the theater on this Saturday night.

Mike is a regular at the Mill Top Tavern in Downtown St Augustine, playing with his band The Wild Shiners. Lagasse, with his mellow southern drawl, briefly spoke about what it was like early in his career. “I spent a lot of time in my early 20’s trying not to go to college,” he shared. “Later I went to Texas and worked on shrimp boats.”

Mike Lagasse

Mike Lagasse and Todd Jones play Lohman. photo 2016

It was more than appropriate to close up the set with an amusing love song written by Lagasse. “This is a true story, even though my wife would disagree,” joked Lagasse. The song “Decisions,” is written about a husband whose wife makes all of his decisions. It had a kind of Lyle Lovett feel as the lyrics poked fun at the husband / wife relationship. “Every man would have to agree,” chuckled Lagasse as he strummed his guitar and every husband in the audience nodded and laughed along…and ironically so did their wives!

After a hometown intermission, outfitted with raffle tickets and homemade banana bread, Brother Brother hit the stage. These impressive, energetic young men were right on point with their banjo and guitar, including a big bass drum on the floor keeping time. The retro style, clean cut hipsters are millennium at its best.

Hailing from Sarasota, Florida by way of Branson, Missouri, Brett and Bradley Anderson have been playing all their young lives. These two young farm boys, Brett is 17 and Bradley is 18, are a true talent. Writing and composing music together, the two are a headline act in Branson. “It seems like our songs describe a journey,” shared Brett as he tuned his banjo. “This is our coming home tour!”

The harmony between the two young men was impeccable. It was evident they have been singing together for a while. With their new song “In The Twilight,” the extent of their voices ranged from a deep bass to the highest high. The faith filled songs were scattered throughout the set including “Tell A Broken Heart” which is based on Psalms 27.

Bringing Mike Lagasse back on stage with his floor bass, the three held a real sing along with the audience as everyone joined in to sing “Will The Circle Be Unbroken.” Not wanting the evening to end, the crowd left the auditorium and hung out in the lobby, visiting and talking with the musicians.

A Gamble Rogers Concert is the best that North Florida has to offer. It is not only down home it is coming home…and who wouldn’t want to come home to St Augustine by way of Gamble Rogers Music.

Listen to WFCF 88.5 on your FM dial every Saturday morning from 7AM to 9:30AM for Gamble Music.