Cafe 11 Save Our Sign Message

cafe 11 signNew sign at Cafe 11

contributed (A message from Cafe 11)


We need our communities help to save our permanent road sign, please come support us.

The City of St Augustine Beach Commission is planning on enacting new sign ordinances that will have a major impact on Café 11, The Kookaburra, and Playa Chca-Mool. We will no longer be able to have our road signage located on the public parking plazas in front of our businesses. These signs have been in place for many years with the City’s permission.

As some of you may have noticed Café 11 has even installed a new sign a few weeks ago that meets all codes and restrictions. We checked with the city on code, policy, and procedure in February and were given approval for this sign and issued permits. Now, 4 months later we are told that the city is planning to implement new sign ordinances that will no longer allow for our sign to be located on the city parking area located on the public plaza area in front of Café 11.

Café 11 only made the large investment to have this sign built and installed AFTER the approval by the City of St. Augustine Beach. Less than a week after final inspection, we are being told once the new ordinances pass, the sign will be a legal nonconforming sign and have to be removed within 7 years. Some of you may think 7 years is a long time, but our intentions are to be here more than 7 years. Once this time period is up no signage will be allowed where it is currently located and this will negatively affect our business.

We know it’s a lot to ask for residents to take time to attend the commission meeting but we need your help. Please come support Café 11, The Kookaburra, and Playa Chca-Mool restaurants at the commission meeting July 11,2016 @ 6pm. We need as many voices as possible to encourage the commissioners to come up with a solution to this problem before they pass the new sign ordinances. Don’t let them pass this ordinance without coming up with a solution to outstanding issues at hand. If a solution is not put in place, in 7 years we will still be facing this problem. Quite possibly in front of the very same members that can create a solution now. Or perhaps we will have to waste more time and tax dollars in front of a new board that will take weeks, months, or longer to brief, educate, and meet with to create a standing solution to a very simple request. Don’t let them pass this issue on to future commissioners. If they want to change the sign ordinances, then they need to address all the issues that these new ordinances will cause and come up with solutions before it is passed not 7 years down the road.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please help us and take 5 minutes to email or call the commissioners and let them know you want ALL of our signs to stay, and you want them to come up with a solution before they pass the new ordinances. Here is contact info for the City of St. Augustine Beach Commissioners:
Mayor- Rich O’Brien

Vice Mayor- Undine George

Commissioner- Margaret England
(904) 461-3454

Commissioner- Andrea Samuels
(904) 377-1337

Commissioner- Gary Snodgrass

For your convenience, cut and paste, commissioner email addresses below into your email.,,,,