Changes for the SAB City Commission

Veterans Day 2014 Mayor Andrea Samuels (9) (640x584)

Mayor Andrea Samuels speaks at the Veterans Day event at the Veterans Memorial. photo: 2014

This weeks at the SAB City Commission meeting, commissioners will discuss a variety of issues related to buildings on the beach as well as elect a new mayor and vice mayor.

Mayor Andrea Samuels will complete her two year term as mayor at the end of this year. As stated in the beach charter, no member of the commission will serve more than two consecutive years. St Augustine Beach Commissioner Andrea Samuels was chosen mayor for the 2014 as well as the 2015 year. Mayor Samuels was the first woman to hold the office since the city incorporated. Samuels term will expire as a city commissioner in 2016.

Along with the election of a new mayor and vice mayor the commission will also discuss the height limits. In June, the new Embassy Suites hotel, located at the entrance to the beach just south of Pope Rd on A1A Beach Blvd, was approved for a 53-foot height limit discounting the 35-foot height limit posed in the charter.

A workshop on height limits was attended by all commissioners last month. The discussion included height limits at the beach, specifically how the base flood elevation is calculated and how the habitable space of a building is determined. This Monday the commission will continue that discussion and decide on how to measure height without violating any state or federal laws.

The meeting is open to the public and starts at 7PM.