Christian Surfers, Disciple Makers

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Christian Surfers..Living The Life Of Christ. photo: SAB, 2015

Building a Bridge from the Beach to the Church

It was another day at the beach for the Christian Surfers as they sat under the tent enjoying the Eastern Surfing Association Sun & Surf Contest on July 4th. This group of dedicated surfers were there to build relationships by doing what they loved…surfing.

Established in 1984, Christian Surfers is known as one of the largest 501-C-3, nonprofit organizations based in St Augustine, with their headquarters for the United States located in Crescent Beach. With local chapters in 39 countries worldwide, this group of surfers considers themselves disciple makers of Christ.

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Dean Plumlee, the National Director of Christian Surfers enjoys a family day at the beach. photo: SAB, 2015

“Christian Surfers is a movement connecting lost surfers to Jesus,” explained Dean Plumlee, the National Director of the organization. With the Multiplication Center in Crescent Beach, interns train and experience the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ. “It is a great nitch for ministry,” said Plumlee. “It’s all about loving people,” he continued.

“We surf everyday,” stated Matt an intern with Christian Surfers. “We are able to build relationships if we all love the same thing.”

“I love surfing,” explained intern Josh. “Out on the waves gives you closeness and time for God.”

The Multiplication Center is open and welcomes local surfers in the area. Christian Surfers has an open door policy including weekly gatherings and open surfing. With open arms and someone to talk with, all are welcome to their flock, no one needs to be alone.

Next time you are at the beach look for the Christian Surfers tent. Stop by and say hello, a more welcoming and loving  group you will not find. Living the life of Jesus…1  Corinthians 13:13, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”