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Clint Black...A Perfect Gift For St Augustine

clint black 2015

Clint Black ready to play his harmonica. photo: 2015

The night was warmer than expected for Clint Black and his band as they performed his Christmas Concert sponsored by Friends of the St Augustine Amphitheatre and Community First Credit Union. “Who knew,” shouted Black above the deafening cheers (referring to the warm welcome of the audience) as he turned to his band and smiled during his encore appearance at the St Augustine Amphitheatre on Saturday evening. With a donation of a nonperishable food item for the St Augustine food bank, over 1000 people were treated to an early Christmas present in St Augustine…and what a gift it was!

Black was in town with his band of more than 30 years, to celebrate A December to Remember holiday concert performance. Promoting Black’s first new album in 10 years “On Purpose,” Black wowed the audience with tunes from his new release as well as hits from way back and of course a smattering of Christmas songs from his holiday album “Christmas With You.” “The Kid,” a tune Clint wrote about remembering Christmas through the eyes of a child, brought the audience back to their own childhood as they enjoyed the magical musical composition. The rhythm and sway on “Milk and Cookies” had the audience dancing two-step in the pit and they didn’t quit until the lights came back on at the end of the evening.

clint Black and band

Black looks on as his guitar player picks a tune. photo: 2015

Clint Black has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years. His debut album “Killin’ Time” climbed the country charts providing five number one singles – “A Better Man,” “Killin’ Time,” “Nobody’s Home,” “Walkin’ Away,” and “Nothing’s News.” While on stage, Black spoke of his wife and singing partner Lisa Hartman Black, who he has been married to for almost a quarter century. Their latest duet “You Still Get To Me” is a highlight of the latest album “On Purpose” and is sure to climb the charts. Their two previous singles, “When I Said I Do” went to number one in 1999 and “Easy for Me to Say” climbed to number 27 in 2001.

Black expressed his sorrow about the latest killings in San Bernardino, California and the audience could do nothing but shake their heads in disbelief and agree. His song“The Last Day,” brought us all to the realization of how fleeting this life really is.

A truly talented harmonica player, Black can blow and suck and bend those notes with the best of them. This low-pitched tenor was going back and forth between the harp and voice without a waver or hesitation. On “Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way,” Black shared his encounter with Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson early one morning in a Nashville recording studio. “I was just getting there and Waylon and Kris were finishing up from playing the night before.”

Clint Black 1 2015

Black plays his Christmas song for the crowd. photo: 2015

Black did not hesitate to spotlight the talents of the band and even invited the audience to imitate his harmonica on “Been There.” The audience “diddled and do-whopped”their rendition of the harmonica while once again, the talent of Clint Black on the blues harp was awe-inspiring.

Clint Black is not only a talented musician, a gifted song writer and an impressive performer, Clint is just an all around good guy. The Clint Black Concert was a perfect way to unwind during this busy holiday season. Ya gotta love the Friends of the St Augustine Amphitheatre and Community First Credit Union for giving the community such a special treat. ..Who Knew???