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Cyndi Lauper, A True Sidecar Rider, Plays St Augustine Amphitheatre

Cyndi Lauper in St Augustine (2) (800x600)

Legend Cyndi Lauper plays St Augustine. photo: 2016

She came on stage dressed in black from head to toe. Cyndi Lauper addressed the crowd, “Don’t hate, there is just no reason to hate.”

After a day that started on a sad note, with the killings in Orlando, it was apparent Lauper was distraught and overwhelmed with regard to the gun violence that has plagued this country. Cyndi expressed the oneness of our being, “The Muslim Religion is about love,” Lauper informed the crowd. “The hate must stop!”

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, Lauper has seen a plethora of discrimination in her lifetime and her music reflects that. The  musical hit “True Colors” spent two weeks on the Billboard top 100 chart and received a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.  “True Colors” written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, and arranged by Lauper,  became a hit and an anthem adopted by the LGBT community.

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Cyndi Lauper dressed in black speaks to the audience before the concert. photo: 2016

Being a true professional, Lauper walked to the back of the stage. “Lets get on with this,” she said as the lights darkened. Bringing her full-on Brooklyn attitude, Lauper stepped back into the spotlight and did not disappoint.

Beginning with her newest recording “Funnel of Love,” this rockabilly hit took Lauper’s music down another “fork in the road.” Her latest album “Detour” is full of slide guitar and Western drawl.

“I heard the next song with my Nana as we watched the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show,” shared Lauper as she talked about the Patsy Klein cover “Walking After Midnight.” Lauper’s rendition was smooth and natural, bringing the old time Western music full circle. It was the perfect transition to the next stage of Lauper’s life.

“I was first introduced to cowboy Westerns on Saturday morning. There were really good singers with great outfits.” Lauper joked with the crowd, showing off her adult size pony stick. “I Want To Be A Cowboy Sweetheart” was the first hit written by a woman,” said Lauper as she reminisced about her childhood. And, as the rodeo movie played in the background, bringing all the old folks in the audience back to Saturday morning TV, Lauper got her “yodel” on, strutting across the stage in her black leather pants, big hair and Doc Martins. Her rendition of this Western hit is spectacular, proving, once again that this genera of music has stood the test of time.

Cyndi Lauper has proven to be a tiny woman with a powerful voice. Her talent, will and attitude are what make this superstar! As the band belted out “Money Changes Everything,” Lauper, once again put her powerful voice front and center. The people in the pit crowded the stage and everyone took to their feet to cheer this amazing talent.

Lauper lept to the stage once again for her encore performance. “Misty Blue,” which is off of her latest album, is what some call the new sound of country.  A crowd favorite, “Time After Time” had the audience singing and holding on to every word. Lauper brought out The Peach Kings to share the stage the favorite, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” Even at 60 + years, Lauper still has the energy to jump around the stage like a 20 year old. Lauper has proven to be a brilliant, relevant and life changing artist of the century.

The spotlight illuminated the stage once again. This legend and sidecar rider sat front and center with a dulcimer on her lap. Lauper strummed and sang the long anticipated “True Colors.” As Cyndi sang…True Colors, True Colors are beautiful like rainbows… audience members at the front of the stage held up a rainbow flag. Cyndi reached down and gently picked up the flag, draping it around her shoulders, she waved to the crowd and solemnly walked off the stage

This month of gay pride, we were reminded once again of the fragility of life. We pray for those involved in the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. We are grateful for the step forward that Cyndi Lauper has brought the LGBT community so many years ago, but we realize there are so many more steps to be taken.