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Drake White & The Big Fire Bring Southern Style To The St Augustine Amphitheater

Little Big Town 2015 (56)

Drake White and The Big Fire play St Augustine

If You Feel It – Do It

“If ya feel it-do it,” was what Drake White said after seeing Joe Cocker’s legendary performance on Woodstock and on Saturday night at the St Augustine Amphitheatre that is just what White and his band did. The energy on stage was unmistakable as White stomped from one end of the stage to the other. He attacks his vocals with the passion of a mama bear looking for a lost cub and hits the guitar with just as much passion.

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White sings to the crowd.

This singer/songwriter has been writing and singing songs since he was a teenager. It is no wonder the crowd was engaged throughout his set. White’s energetic stage presence on “It Feels Good” had everyone in the audience singing along as if they were a part of the band. His raspy, deep southern drawl made the music flow right through this Alabama boy and into the hearts of everyone in the audience.

“A big thank you to our men and women in the armed forces,” brought a cheer from the crowd with his loyalty song “Back to Free.” His message made us all remember the sacrifices our troops and their families make everyday. With his truthful rendition of “Always Want What You Can’t Have” White brought the audience down to reality in a way that only music can.

White and his band allowed the audience to carry most of the song on Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” The whole audience was on their feet as they sang along, their arms reaching to Heaven and swaying to the beat of the music, remembering just what a talent the late Marvin Gaye was. The perfect rhythm and soulful singing of this amazing musician most assuredly made everyone in the amphitheater a Drake White fan for life.