Empowered Women Run- Run Diva Run

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Empowered women took over the beach on Sunday for the much anticipated Diva Run. Women from around the country came to put on their pink and collect some much deserved “Bling.”

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Robert Pozo Race Director

Held in St Augustine Beach for the first time, The Diva Run brings women together to celebrate and empowers women to believe in themselves. Organized by Continental Event and Sports Management Group out of Miami, Florida, this race was an inspiration of race founder, Robert Pozo in honor of his mother. “My mom was a strong women. She worked when other women stayed home,” he said. With a catch in his voice he continued, “She was my inspiration for this race.”

Over 3300 runners took to the course in the early morning hours. With the sun just coming over the horizon and a nip in the air, the women, many dressed in pink gathered at pier park to welcome another day. With some pumped up music playing and an announcer cheering on the crowd, the Diva Run was putting on quite a show.

“We noticed that most of the runners for 5K and half marathons were women,” Pozo said. “We wanted to give something back to empower women.”

With races held throughout the USA from California to Puerto Rico, the Diva Run touches many lives and much more than just the women in the family.

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7 year old Emma Mae

“That’s my mommy!” shouted one little girl as she ran with family to meet her mom at the finish line. As the daughter and dad ran hand in hand, it was apparent that this race will have an impact on this little girls life for years to come.

Seven year old, Emma Mae Kirkland came down from Georgia to run the race with her mom. “I just run races,” said Emma Mae, nonchalant, like it is no big deal. Emma Mae took third place in the women’s 5K. “I like to run with my mom,” she continued sitting on the curb waiting for her mom to finish the half marathon. If Emma Mae keeps running like she is, this “running thing” will save her many thousands of dollars with scholarship opportunities in the future.

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Theresa, Pat and Tammy Empowered Women Run!

Theresa Barrow and her friend Pat McNeill came all the way from Savannah to run the race. They were here to meet up with sister Tammy Jordon from Tampa. “We try to do a run every year.” said Barrow. Barrow has been running for three years and McNeill for five years.

“I started running at age 46.” said McNeill. “I do it for exercise and fun.”

“I like the metals.” stated Barrows. It is not just metals these women receive, part of the fund collected will go back into the communities where the races are held. “We plan to give monies to the schools and to a local cheer squad,” said Pozo.

A1A Beach Blvd was closed down on Sunday morning to allow these empowered women to have their moment in the sun, so to speak. Mayor Andrea Samuels addressed the crowd and after the National Anthem was sung the women were off and running.

The economic impact the Diva Run had for this community was great but the impact it has on the women is greater. Instead of running away these women are running toward something. For some it is a future full of empowerment, hope and success.

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