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FAQ About This Web Site:

  • Is this site affiliated with the City of St. Augustine Beach government?

No. This is a privately owned and operated city guide website unaffiliated with the City of St. Augustine Beach government in any way. This site is run by a group of St Augustine Beach residents who saw a need for a site just like this. With dedication StAugustineBeach.ORG was created. This partnership between local business will help St Augustine Beach and the surrounding areas  become a world class destination.

  • I’m managing an upcoming community event. Is there any way you can publish it on the site?

Absolutely! We will happily publish most any community events in St. Augustine, St Augustine Beach or Crescent Beach upon request (at our discretion, of course). Send your request to Editor (at) StAugustineBeach.ORG. Please make sure to note the time, the place, any contact information and whatever else people may need to know.

  • I have a local news story. Do you publish that?

At our discretion, we may publish local news stories that are provided by an outside source. The theme of this digital publication is to be positive and upbeat; any news story we might publish would have to be along those lines.

  • I’m interested in advertising my business on StAugustineBeach.ORG. How do I do that?

Drop us a line- Susan(at) StAugustineBeach.org.  Name/Telephone Number and we will contact you. Remember… directory entries are free. Enhanced directory listings (picture, business description, website link, address, etc) are available for a minimal  monthly or annual cost. The  cost includes: SEO- search engine optimization, promotional materials, web and data input and updates, Smart Phone & Tablet integration, QR code, graphics, photographs and more.

  • Can I make suggestions about this site.

Absolutely…since we consider this site a partnership with businesses all suggestions are welcome. Just email any suggestions to  Editor(at)StAugustineBeach.org



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Most of the information, content  used in connection with StAugustineBeach.org, including: directory, articles,reviews, photographs & images,  audio & video etc (collectively, the “Content” is owned by StAugustineBeach.org.  StAugustineBeach.org protects the rights to all content to the fullest extent of the law.  You may not republish the content of this website on any internet site, do not modify, copy, reproduce or use any portion of the content of this website without the written consent of StAugustineBeach.org. Requests to use any of the content for any other reason should be directed to Editor(at)StAugustineBeach.org.

Copyright complaints

StAugustineBeach.org respects the intellectual property of others and at times may use information for the benefit of the outside site. If you believe that your work has been copied or if  you are aware of  material being placed by a third party on StAugustineBeach.org, please contact us at Editor(at)StAugustineBeach.org


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General disclaimer and limitation of liability

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Contact Information

With any concerns or questions  email Editor (at) StAugustineBeach.Org and a response will be forth coming within 24 hours. Office hours Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern time.

Sales and Marketing

For information about your listing or to expand your listing please email Susan(at)StAugustineBeach.ORG.