Florida BMX Spring Fling 2015

BMX Old School and New

Retro BMX

Kickin’ It Old School at the BMX Spring Fling

Kickin’ it old school was what was happening at the Pier Park on Saturday as BMX bike enthusiastic came out in droves for the Annual Florida BMX Spring Fling. With a display of retro BMX bikes as well as the latest equipment, people came from all over Florida for this annual event.

Sponsored by Planet BMX of Jacksonville, this event had BMX fans here to swap, display and sell anything BMX. Cole Delvecchio, of Sparkys Distribution came all the way from Longwood to set up his booth. Carrying brands such as Shadow Conspiracy and Surbosa, Delvecchio was on hand to share his love of the sport with the next generation.

BMX Old School and New

Cole Delvecchio of Sparkys Distribution

“This is such a fun gathering.” said Delvecchio. “I run into people I haven’t seen from the old days.” he continued. Sparky’s filled their booth with both the classic BMX as well as the latest items for biking including a donation of a bike to raffel off. “We are glad to come out and support Planet BMX.” exclaimed Delvecchio.

Florida BMX Spring Fling started in Tampa and moved to St Augustine for the second year in a row. “It is a no brainer having this event here.” said Ed Ferri, a representative for Planet BMX. “With the great scenery and the pavilion it is the perfect spot and we are glad to support the local businesses.” he continued.

BMX Old School and New

Ed Ferri of Planet BMX in Jacksonville

Dubbed a BMX reunion, Saturday fans and riders alike came to hang out and talk bikes and riding. With fathers and sons spending time doing what they love, together, this event a win-win for everyone. “This is a reunion of sorts.” said Ferri. “The guys we looked up to as kids are here hanging out with us and enjoying the day.”

A BMX ride is planned for 10AM Sunday. A local sponsor of the event, MoJo’s has opened their parking lot to the BMX riders. Over 200 riders are expected to join in to see the Oldest City one of the best ways any visitor can…by bike.

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