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Gamble Rogers Music Festival 2015 - A Weekend To Remember

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Chris Henry & The Hardcore Grass play St Augustine

The beauty of a “welcome home” weekend

The weather was not the only thing last weekend that was a perfect ten. The 20th Annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival, held at the St Augustine Amphitheater could not have gotten any better. This three day festival is held in memory of local folk legend Gamble Rogers. Gamble lost his life while trying to rescue a swimmer caught in the ocean.

Friday night’s Wilco concert filled the stadium with thousands of loyal fans. This down home band from Chicago has won Grammy Awards, had gold records and supports more causes than you can count. Their Mermaid Avenue project put to music dozens of Woodie Guthrie songs that were never before shared with the public.

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The audience enjoys Pat Murphy and the band at the Pickers stage.

The perfect weather was a welcomed addition to the weekend. There were seven stages and the main stage presenting acts from around the country, with bands playing all styles of music, people telling stories and even comedy to brighten the spirits and gather a laugh. Folk music, Americana music, Swamp Jazz, Bluegrass, Soulful Mountain music, Blues and even Florida music filled the air for all to enjoy…and enjoy they did!

St Augustine is know around the country for its unique and amazing musical scene and The Gamble Rogers Music Festival is a mainstay. Fans of all ages came to St Augustine last weekend to savor the music and atmosphere from all parts East, North, South and West . Local singer / songwriters shared the stages with notable musicians from around the country.  All a visitor had to do was look at the schedule and choose a stage to visit and it was there they would fill their soul with the down home music of today and yesterday.

Ed Salce, a volunteer was one such person enjoying the music. “This has been a gorgeous afternoon.” Salce said as he sat under the oak tree listening to the music and directing the crowd. “Everyone here says they are having a great time.”

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Hanging Out Enjoying The Music.

People traveled throughout the amphitheater grounds and along with the music, comfort was another integral part of the day. Hats of all kinds, flip-flops and sandals, flowing skirts and blue jeans made sure nothing got in the way of being a part of the laid-back atmosphere. All a person had to do was hang a hammock and sway along to the music.

Gabe Fox and Brad Aikin, students from Gamble Rogers Middle School were out enjoying the music on Sunday afternoon. “I really like this style of music,” said Fox as he stopped for a bite. “It sounds good,” Aikin chimed in. While these two are taking a break from their homework, Fox is an acoustic guitar player and Aikin plays the sax. Don’t be surprised to see these two on stage within the next few years.

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Gabe and Brad enjoy the day.

As St Augustine once again celebrates Florida and music with the 20th Gamble Rogers Music Festival, we are reminded of a simpler time. A time when picking and singing on the back porch was what you did on a lazy afternoon. We are reminded of the beauty of Florida and the importance of Americana  music. With The Gamble Rogers Music Festival we are reminded to stop and take a breath and be grateful for the beauty of a “welcome home” weekend. doesn’t get any better than that!

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