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” Natural Pain Relief In A Bottle”


jf 25 single bottleJF23 is made from the highest grade natural ingredients including: eucalyptus oil, grape seed  oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. The oils are mixed in a FDA  inspected plant under strict  sanitary and the highest quality  control conditions. This all natural Australian oil of eucalyptus works by increasing circulation to the affected area. JF23 also provided oxygen and nutrients to the area helping to relieve pain. With the purest grade of eucalyptus oil as the main ingredient, JF 23 is absorbed into the body to assist in relieving what ails you. Whether it is joint pain, stiffness, muscle aches, chronic pain, sinus issues or cold sores, JF23 is considered a cure.

The unique properties of  JF23 cause the nerves around the blood vessels to relax.  That in turn causes the vessels to de-constrict and return to there normal size. An application of JF23 will promote better circulation contributing to better health and pain free living.


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Morgan L: I had a sinus problems for many years. The spring and summer are the worst time. I tried JF23 and it cleared up the sinuses with one treatment.  Sure beats taking medication.

Terri C: Recently, my mother and I were visiting with a friend and she told us about your JF23. Because of osteoporosis and arthritis, my mother suffers from chronic back pain. My friend put some of the oil on her back and it made such a difference.

Susan B: After suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for over a year I decided to try JF23. After applying it to my foot and walking around I was amazed that the pain was gone. I could feel the JF23 working.


Reduce Inflammation * Increase Circulation * Relieve Pain * Instant Relief

 Fibromyalgia /  Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain Carpal Tunnel / Back Pain

Arthritis / Bursitis / Plantar Fascitis / Headaches




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