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Ignite by the Sea Music Festival Celebrates Christafari

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B-Shock Ignites the Crowd!

Hundreds of people joined in the celebration at the pier pavilion for the 2015-Ignite by the Sea Music Festival. This Christian centered event was sponsored by Victory Preparatory School, Get the Word Out Ministries, Bess Freeman Photography, Takumi Sullivan and Mulberry Lane Photography.

The band Christafari, a top selling Christian reggae band, headlined the event as they continued with a stop in St Augustine on their “Oceans Tour.” With the mission of “reaching the world through world music,” their words of praise and worship could be heard throughout the park and along the beach with a welcome for all to enjoy. People sat in in their cars, on benches, on lawn chairs in the sand or danced to the music in the shade of the pavilion, enjoying the almost perfect weather and an afternoon of words, worship and music.

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Pastor David Bliss speaks at the event.

St Augustine’s own Pastor David Bliss was there to share his story of salvation. Bliss, founder of Faith Quest Ministries, shared pictures of when he was arrested for a drug offense. After serving his time he decided to spend the rest of his life serving others. That passion never left him and Bliss has spent the last six years running his ministry and speaking around the state.

“This has been a great day.” said Erin Gibson, administrator of Victory Preparatory School. “Everyone is really enjoying it.”

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Erin Gibson, Victory Prep, thanks the crowd for coming out.

Victory Preparatory School, a principal sponsor of the event, is located in St Augustine. With students in grades preschool through grade 12, Victory Preparatory School offers the community an alternative to a traditional education. With a Christian curriculum and small class sizes, Victory Prep also offers school breakfast and lunch as well as classes in the Arts. “We strive for Academic Excellence.” said Gibson as she addressed the crowd to thank them for coming out.

Also featured in Ignite Music Festival were Oh Divide, Jeremy Dowler and B-Shoc. Not new to this town, B-Shoc’s heavy hip-hop style brought people running toward the pavilion as the deep bass started to rumble. Every kid was on their feet and they danced as B-Shoc shook up the audience. With a passion to show people that praising God can be fun and exciting, B-Shoc most definitely did just that during this trip to St Augustine. The positive energy could be found at the beach on Sunday and it surely was a day to celebrate.