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Feel Good & Harness The Natural Energy of Stones!

Jordana Stone AmethystJordana Stone Design is a local small business established by Mark and Gail Jordana, both long-time St. Augustine Beach residents. Mark is a Florida-licensed Professional Geologist (PG), and he has used his knowledge and appreciation of rocks to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind stone jewelry pieces. We now offer these casual yet elegant stone creations at the Wednesday morning St. Augustine Beach Farmer’s Market – an example of truly locally-made crafts from right here is St. Johns County.

Rough rocks from around the world are used to create our stone jewelry. Some rocks we collect ourselves and others we obtain from rock shops and other sources. All the rocks are cut with our diamond blade saws, shaped on grinding wheels and polished locally here in our St. Augustine rock shop and studio. Rock types include semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, jade and turquoise, as well as other interesting stones including dinosaur bone, picture jaspers, agates, and many other stones with a wide variety of patterns, shapes and colors. Many jewelry sets include matching pendant and earring combinations. The pendants are wire-wrapped or set with a necklace bail, and all of the necklaces are ready to wear with a chain or ribbon included.

The jewelry is priced modestly, with most pieces ranging from $10 for earrings, $15 for pendants and $25 to $30 for a complete necklace and earring set.

*One-of-a-kind, beautiful stone jewelry pieces made in St Augustine Beach*

  Jordana Stone Chrysacolla    Jordana stone Owyhee Picture Jasper    Jordana stone Lapis   Jordana Stone Trinity Jasper

*Unique Stones   *Affordable Gifts   *Semi-Precious, Hand Cut Stones

Each stone is unique. Choose from a wide variety of colors, rock types, and shapes to find the pieces that best fit your style. Harness the natural energy of stones (we think if they make you feel good, you should wear them!). They also make great, affordable gifts.

The Wednesday morning St. Augustine Beach Farmer’s Market is a great place to get out and experience some of the local culture and handiwork of our local artisans. We hope to see you there.

Remember Your Trip To The Beach With Locally Made Jewelry By Jordana Stone Design

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