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Legendary Surfer Pam Hill Steps Up To The Plate Again for the 49th Annual Eastern Surfing Association

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Enjoying A Day In The Waves Thanks To Surf Champion Pam Hill. photo: SAB, 2015

The Original Gidget, Pam Hill

For close to fifty years, the Eastern Surfing Association has been making champions in and out of the water through the sport of surfing. This year, on the shores of St Augustine Beach, the 49th Eastern Surfing Association Championship was held for surfers of all ages.

This years event was held in memory of longtime surfing supporter and St Augustine resident Bill Murray. According to his obituary, Murray was the owner of various surf shop throughout the state. A Vietnam Veteran of the Navy, Murray was a 15-year member of the St. Augustine District Eastern Surfing Association and the St. Augustine Long Board Surf Club. He was a founding member of the National Scholastic Surfing Association and the University of Florida Surf Club, and he was an international surfing judge for the Association of Professional Surfers.

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Pam Hill, the original Gidget! photo: SAB, 2015

“Murray use to do all the tabulating of this event for many years,” said champion surfer Pam Hill. Hill, a three time winner of the Iron Women Surfing Award was on hand, once again to help tabulate and help organize this event. Known as one of the most dedicated surfers in East Coast surfing history, Pam knows how to make a kid believe in him or herself, giving them the self-esteem only surfing can.

Some would say Pam Hill is the original Gidget. Winning her first contest in the 1960’s, Hill has continued to be involved in the sport since she was a teenager. When other young girls were sitting on the beach watching the boys surf, Hill grabbed a long board and took to the waves. Hill has been instrumental in getting girls involved in the sport of surfing and is known as one of the most influential female surfers on the East Coast.

“Surfing is my life,” explained Hill as she looked toward the young surfers as they rode the waves. “My family has been involved in ESA for 40 years,” she continued. “It keeps me involved, plus you are at the beach!”

Hill has been coming to this event since 1973, giving her time and her talents to generations of kids who have come after her. This year Pam Hill has been nominated for the 2016 East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of the sport. The nomination honors those who have been responsible for the development and growth of the sport of surfing.

This year, once again, Hill was there to give her time and to provide support and safety cover in and out of the water. As the young surfers approached the table, Hill had a smile and a word of reassurance for each and every kid and there was no mistaking the positive vibes. With her down to earth style, those kids had no ideal they were talking to one of the most prestigious female surfers of the sport. These  junior  surfers love the sport of surfing and with Hill stepping up to the plate once again, these young surfers had the opportunity to “get their surf-on!”

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