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Listen To The Music At The St Augustine Amphitheatre 2015

The Doobie Brothers and Marshall Tucker Band Heat Up The Night

2015  promises to be the year to “Listen to the Music” at the St Augustine Amphitheater. Beginning this year, with a sold out concert, the St Augustine Amphitheatre  welcomed classic rockers The Doobie Brothers and The Marshall Tucker Band. Bringing people of all ages together on a cold night in February, the bands had people dancing, rocking and singing along to some unforgettable tunes presented by the legendary musicians.

The bands seem to wear their age well, a little older and a little grayer, but both bands brought down the house with their jammin’ tunes, proving once again that age is something to celebrate.

editors note: Due to the fact that each band has had a huge impact on the history of Rock & Roll, there will be two articles about Friday nights concert.


The Magic Of The Doobie Brothers

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The Doobie Brothers Take The Stage.

It was time to get back to our roots. Back to a time when we were carefree, fun and fearless. Friday night at the St Augustine Amptheatre allowed that to happen when St Augustine welcomed the iconic rock group, The Doobie Brothers onto their stage to a sold-out venue.

Opening with “Jesus Is Just Alright” and “Rocking Down the Highway,” the band took the stage with an energy that heated up the crowd and kept them smokin’ throughout the evening. The harmonies and vocals of Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons and John McFee were familiar and as “Clear As the Driven Snow” and their guitar solos and finger pickin’ showed the talent of the ages.

The Doobie Brothers have become a musical institution, creating and delivering Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Country and Soul for close to a decade. With four GRAMMY awards to their credit and over 48 million records sold, The Doobie’s music continues to be enjoyed and played on music stations throughout the world.

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Dan & Donna Russell “check it off the Bucket List”!

Dan and Donna Russell traveled back home to St Augustine for the concert. Lifelong fans of The Doobie Brothers, Dan could hardly contain his emotion. “These are my “Bucket List” bands.” he shared. “After all these years this is my first time seeing them. It really took me back. I had tears in my eyes.” he exclaimed.

Everyone could feel the emotion on the Doobie’s “Eyes Of Silver.” From the intro guitar solo, the slap of the bass to Mark Russo’s high pitched wail of the sax, it made us all remember what “FM” radio was all about. Russo’s talent was once again released with his sax intro into “Taking It To The Streets” bringing the multitudes to their feet with the glow of cell phones recording.

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Pat Simmons takes us back.

The band slowed it down a bit and you could feel the love in the air when composer and lead vocal Pat Simmons hooked into the Billboard #1 hit, “Black Water.” When he changed the lyrics and sang “St Augustine moon keep shining on me” the crowd went wild and everyone belted out and sang along to the famous line “I’d like to hear some funky Dixieland / Pretty mama, come and take me by the hand.”

No one was ready to end this magical evening of memories and music. The excitement and roar of the crowd brought the band back for an encore and the stage once again became alive. Opening with the long-familiar guitar-riff of “China Grove,” the Doobies had the people dancing, screaming and once again singing along. Ending the set with “Listen to the Music” the band came to the edge of the stage to shake hands and share their autographs on albums treasured for years by loyal fans.

Through the hard times and the times of celebration, music plays a huge part in our life. According to some reports, music energizes us, awakens us and helps bring back old memories. It has been a “Wild Ride” and how fortunate we have been to have had the Doobie’s to share it with.


The Marshall Tucker Band Comes Home To The South

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Welcome Home Ya-All

The Marshall Tucker Band, what some would call the original “jam” band, came home to the South with a tremendous welcome from this southern audience at the St Augustine Amphitheatre. Taking the stage, the band began to warm up the audience with their slamming songs “Heard It In A Love Song.” With lead singer and original band member, Doug Gray on vocals, the audience was on their feet and singing along with every word, proving the timelessness of their  music. The flute solo, guitar licks and old school drum solo took the southern classic rock composition, “Fire On The Mountain.” to another level bringing back memories of a time of…hanging out, skipping school and smoking whatever you could find.

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With 44 years on the road, Gray continues to Rock the House!

With his southern drawl and skillful harmony, 65 year old Gray, also known as the “Soul of the South” seemed to appreciate every minute of the night. “I can stay here all night.” he shouted to the crowd. “It’s always good to be out.” Gray piped.

Life on the road can take a toll on any band and you could hear it in Marshall Tucker Band compositions. “Blue Ridge Mountain Sky” was filled with feeling. The guitar solo was heartfelt and the lyrics were eye opening. “Lonesome road, lonesome feeling in my mind.” As the band slid into “Take the Highway” the flute solo was magical and the the tone and the emotion put into the guitar playing was enlightening…“Take the highway, Lord knows I’ve been gone too long.”

There isn’t quite anything like southern rock and few bands can do it like The Marshall Tucker Band. From the hammering on the piano, the pounding beat of the drum to the the lengthy guitar licks and lyrics, their classic song “Can’t You See” has made it to number one on the top ten of Country Southern Rock Songs. The crowd roared, singing along with every word and swaying to every note.

With long jams, boogie rhythm and screaming guitar leads as well as the incorporation of the values of the southern working class, Marshall Tucker Band brought it home again ending their set with the confederate classic “Dixie,”… “Oh I Wish I was In The Land Of Cotton. Old times there are not forgotten,” this St Augustine audience reminded The Marshall Tucker Band that no matter how much water goes under the bridge we will never forget the band, their songs and the memories. Welcome Home Ya-all…Welcome Home!