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News July 14, 2014

Flip-Flopping For The Family * Flip Flop ‘Till You Drop 2014

Flip Flop Till U Drop 2014-5 (1024x768)

Hanging At The Sunshine Shop During The Flip-Flop Event

Not even the pitter-patter of the rain drops could keep the flip flops away from the 12th annual Flip Flop ‘Till You Drop Charity Walk. Hundred and hundreds of people walked down A1A beach Boulevard in their signature tee shirts and flip flops all to help out our local charity Kids Bridge. With Jacks Bar-B-Q as the starting and ending point of this years walk, things were really happening throughout the day and well into the evening down on the corner of A Street and A1A Beach Blvd.

Flip Flop Till U Drop 2014-23 (1024x768)

Tammy, Sandra & Jennifer Flip-Flopping For The Kids

Businesses along the boulevard put out their welcome mats and offered the walkers extra special deals in conjunction with the walk. Live music, drink and food specials, gifts and drawings were held keeping the walkers entertained and ready to make the hike to the next place on the list. Jennifer Wetherly from St Augustine is a veteran Flip-Flopper. This year is her eighth year participating. “I do it because it is a lot of fun.” she said. “And it goes to a good cause” she continued. Even though it was Tammy Loomis, Sandra Adelsperger and Jennifer Johnson’s first time out they were all having fun and “enjoying it even in the rain.” they said huddled under an umbrella.

Flip Flop Till U Drop 2014-17 (1024x768)

Flip-Flop Nails

This years chosen charity was The Kids Bridge Supervised Family Visitation Center. The Kids Bridge was opened in 2002 by the St Johns County Junior Service League and allows local families dealing with domestic issues such as divorce, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness, child abuse and neglect a safe place to meet and spend time with family members. Located on San Marco Ave in downtown St Augustine, Kids Bridge provides on-site supervised visits, parent exchange services as well as classes to help strengthen families while keeping children safe. According to Kids Bridge, having a secure setting lets children feel safe so they can reach their full potential as healthy members of our community.

“Everyone had a great time.” exclaimed Dave Britten a Jack’s Bar-B-Q employee. “There were no problems at all.” he continues. With many  SAB businesses involved and almost one thousand walkers traveling down A1A Beach Blvd on Saturday we were all reminded of  the importance of family. “We only drink for charity.” joked one walker “But we are walking for the kids!” said another.  Even in the rain, they were all walking for the kids!


The Farm To Family Mobile Food Truck Is Island Bound

Wednesday/ 11am to noon / RB Hunt School

farm to family 6 (800x600)

George Helps Customers At The Farm To Family Mobile Food Truck

The Farm to Family truck is headed to an island by you. Ready to share the freshest, locally grown fruits and veggies with your family, the Farm to Family mobile market travels directly from local growers to families bringing the freshness of the farm to your kitchen table.

farm to family 5 (800x600)

Wendy helps those in need

This important program is an outreach of the Pie in the Sky charity in Hastings, Florida. Farm to Family is able to bring fresh food to “food deserts” in the area ensuring that all neighborhoods throughout St Johns County have access to affordable, fresh, healthy food. Thanks to the donation of the magnificent mobile food truck from Bozard Ford, Farm to Family is able to do more than supply fresh food to families. With this unique program Farm To Families is able to support and buy from local farmers, provide employment and training opportunities and educate the community on healthy eating and living. Ex-migrant worker George Hall is proud of his new title. Hired last month as a “Market Ambassador”, George says “I like this job a lot. It is a good experience.” Wearing his freshly pressed uniform, George has a smile and a cheerful hello for every customer. “The people really like the program.” said George “We are getting a lot of support and a lot of business.” Right now George is able to work three days a week but hopes the hours increase the more people learn about the program.

farm to family 4 (800x600)

Fresh Food On The Truck

The program just seems to be getting larger as the days go on. With overwhelming support new stops are being added weekly and with five new stops this week including Wednesdays at our own Anastasia Island. The Farm To Family Mobile food market will be parked at RB Hunt School, 125 Magnolia Dr 32080. Get there early and don’t be late! Ride your bike, take a walk or get in the car and cruise on over. The summer hours are 11am to noon. If you have a few extra pennies drop them in the donation jar as every little bit helps!

Wendy Sligh is an small organic farmer and is dedicated to this unique program. As she bagged up a customers order she explained “We help those that are home bound, blind and incapable of getting out to get fresh food.” More that just a food service, Pie In The Sky will also assists those in need. “We do what others won’t do for those really in need.” she explained. “We are here to help the elderly, the disabled anyone that needs assistance,” she said. “We connect with people who need the help.” she said. “Last week we bought medicine and paid an electric bill for an elderly woman.” With Pie In The Sky and the Farm To Family mobile food truck things are getting taken care of one step at a time.

The Farm To Family Truck has proven to be more than just a truck,  it is becoming an important part of the community. With the Pie in the Sky’s administrative leadership filling the social service mission in addition to selling produce with the mobile food truck, this unique group of individuals are doing what others in higher offices are unable to do…working together to get things done.

 Visit: FARM TO FAMILY                     Visit:    FARM TO FAMILY FACEBOOK

News July 7, 2014

Riding The Wave For The Next Generation

48th Annual 4th of July Sun-n-Surf Contest

andy and shantel delorenzo

Andy & Shantel DeLorenzo stand by the ESA, St Augustine, Fl sponsor board.

With the exit of Tropical Storm Arthur, the ocean waves settled down a bit for the 48th Annual Sun n’ Surf 4th of July Surf Classic presented by the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA). The Eastern Surfing Association is the oldest amateur surfing association in the USA. Founded in 1967 by surfers living on the East Coast, ESA is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and protection of the sport of surfing as well as the environmental aspect of keeping our shoreline and oceans clean. Devoted to the sport of amateur surfing, this years Sun n’ Surf competition had surfers of all ages and abilities represented. Over 100 contestants age 6 years old to 65 years old filled the beach to share their love of surfing with each other and to put on an amazing show for the spectators.

Student’s from the University of St Augustine hit the beach on the Fourth to enjoy the sun, the ocean and the surf contest. Sitting on beach chairs, towels and inner-tubes the group had smiles all around. “This is amazing.” stated Eric Nichols. “We should be studying but we decided to take the day off and enjoy the beach.”(see our Pic Of The Week)

dad and boys 21

Surfer Gary Allred and boys hanging at the beach

Surfer and contestant Gary Allred was there with his family and he seemed glad he was able to share his passion for surfing with his boys. Gary competed in the Senior Mens Masters category. When asked how the water was Allred looked toward the ocean and said,“ The waves are better than nothing. Although they are inconsistent, if it wasn’t for the hurricane we would have nothing.” As Gary’s boys played on the beach, you could see they also shared their father’s love of the ocean. Beside the fireworks, this family friendly event was one of the best things taking place in the area all weekend.

The Eastern Surfing Association, St Augustine, Fl (ESA-SAFL) chapter is a non-profit organization run by many local volunteers who are committed to the sport of surfing. “This is the 48th Annual Sun n’ Surf Classic.” said Andy Delorenzo the St Augustine District Director. “It was founded 48 years ago by the Bernstein family (owners of Sun & Surf Shop) and Dan Patron.” he continued. With local sponsors such as Salt Life Food Shack, Old Carriage Reality, St Augustine Volkswagen, The Bailey Group and The Pit Surf Shop to name a few, this contest is well supported and loved as much by the locals in the area as it is by the contestants. “It is held at the pier every year-whether there is sand or not.” stated DeLorenzo with a chuckle. If you have lived in St Augustine long enough you will understand DeLorenzo’s comment regarding the beach erosion. (See beach renourishment article)

pam hill surf champion

Pam Hill 1993 Womens Surf Champion ESA- SE Regional Director

Surfing is just a way of life for many of the volunteers and Pam Hill, ESA Southeast Regional Director, reiterated the fact.” We all do it for the love of surfing.” she said. It is no wonder Pam was hooked, surfing since 1972, Pam was the winner of the USA Womens Longboard competition in 1993. Traveling from Ormond Beach to assist with this event, Pam’s dedication to surfing is evident in all she does and Pam makes sure she gives back to the surfing community at every opportunity.

Trophys filled the back table at the ESA-SAFL tent and the volunteers were busy inside making sure everything ran smoothly. With safety at the forefront of this event, the volunteers also kept track of time, of scores and everything else needed to hype up the crowd, including choosing just the right music. ESA-SAFL volunteer, Shantel Delorenzo said surfing is a true family sport and she does whatever is needed to assist her husband Andy Delorenzo, St Augustine ESA-SAFL District Director. “Our contestants compete from April through November.” she said. “From here the winners will go on to Regionals and from there to the Eastern Division Championships.”The ESA-SAFL Award Banquet will be held on Dec 10th at the new Salt Life Food Shack.

With Andy and Shantel DeLorenzo’s 11 year old son Kai placing first in the 14 and under spot*, it is no wonder they are so dedicated to the sport. “We always wanted to give back to the kids.” said Andy. By the looks of it they are not only giving back to the youth in this community, they are taking the love of surfing to another level. According to ESA, it is not uncommon to find two or three generations of the same family actively engaged in the ESA program. With the dedication of the ESA volunteers sharing their love of surfing as well as their commitment to the protection of our environment with the next generation, we can honestly say ESA St Augustine, Fl Chapter is… Riding This Wave In The Right Direction.

To Learn More About Visit: St Augustine Eastern Surfing Association     See Our SUN-N-SURF  PHOTO GALLERY

*Kai won in the 14 and under division. Way To Go Kai!

Shuttle Off To… Music By The Sea

St Augustine Beach Wednesday Shuttle Bus

JP John Prichard shuttle driver on Wednesday nights

As the music ended on Wednesday evening the new Beach Shuttle had already taken visitors to their cars parked at the SAB City Hall. The Beach Shuttle Bus runs continuous from 5:30pm to 9:45pm on Wednesdays giving guests the opportunity to hop on at any time during the evening. The shuttle travels from the SAB City Hall parking lot up 16th St to the SJC pier and back to the SAB City Hall on Wednesday evening to help alleviate the parking woes at the beach during the Music by the Sea event. Sponsored by the SAB Civic Association and underwritten by Salt Life Food Shack, the open air shuttle is a welcomed addition, alleviating the hassles of parking and making the Music by the Sea more than an event to enjoy but an adventure to experience.

SAB shuttle at night

JP talks to a shuttle rider

“This is a great family experience” said John (JP) Pritchard, shuttle driver. “The kids love riding the shuttle and it is real safe inside.” he continued. For people with coolers and chairs it is so much easier to ride the shuttle than carrying items for blocks. Just park the car and hop on the shuttle. With the shuttle being continuous, there is no need to worry about leaving the pier area at any specific time. A short wait at the Sunshine bus stop at the pier and a shuttle will be by quickly to take you back to your car. “We hope the demand will increase the more people hear about the shuttle.” said JP.  Although the shuttle has only been in operation for two weeks, ridership has increased. The open air shuttle not only alleviates parking issues, it also adds a feeling of nostalgia to the beach.

With the demand for beach parking increasing during the 4th of July holiday weekend, the county offered free shuttle service from the SAB City Hall parking lot to the pier from 10am to 6pm through-out the weekend. The new Reach the Beach mobile website can be found at as well as information being provided by Twitter feeds and Facebook 24/7. For those needing beach access the Beach Conditions Hotline at (904) 209-0331 is where to call to obtain updated vehicle information on whether 4WD is needed to drive onto the  beach. With the new redesign of the pier parking lot and at the Pope Rd parking lot where showers are now available, the city and county are doing all they can to make sure the public has an enjoyable experience when they come to our beach-friendly town.

City Commission Update


The City Of St Augustine Beach will hold their monthly meeting Monday night at 7pm. Some items for review include:

Food Trucks: Review regulations from other Florida cities

Noise: Review regulations from other Florida cities

Parking: 16th Street parking / Weekend Bus Shuttle / Leasing lots from Elite Hospitality for parking

Information Provided For Meeting

Grant For Ocean Hammock Park: A grant was submitted to assist with building a walkway, restrooms and other amenities in Ocean Hammock Park. The city estimates the cost to be $200,000 with the city providing $100,000 matching the grant funds of $100,000.