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Soul On Fire Tour - Third Day and Brandon Heath

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Soul On Fire Tour

Nothing could put out the fire when Third Day with Brandon Heath made a stop in St Augustine at the St Augustine Amphitheatre for their “Soul on Fire Tour.” As the crowd gathered under the canopy, no one was affected by the thunder and lightning as it made a parallel addition to the rumble of the bass and the strobe of the spotlights.

More than just music, one of the main objects of the evening was to gather sponsors for children around the world who lack the basic necessities for life-food, water and shelter. With a booth set up in support of “Food for the Hungry”, a Christian organization serving the poor around the world, Third Day’s mission was to share their commitment in the communities they visit and to personally ask their fans for help to end world hunger by committing to a small monthly pledge. With the help of Third Day and their fans, the lives of over 32,000 children have been changed.

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The Skripko family spend time volunteering in St Augustine

Anastasia Baptist was there with volunteers to help the cause. The Skripko family traveled from Palm Coast to volunteer. Emily Skripko was committed to the project. Not new to volunteering, this 14 year old has served on numerous church volunteer projects. “I am here to serve the Lord.” Emily said. “It has always been something I like to do.”

“Sometimes we go with friends.” said her brother, 12 year old John Skripko. “It’s fun!” he exclaimed.

The evening opened with song as singer songwriter Brandon Heath took the stage. This multiple award winner, shared stories and his songs from ballads to songs of worship. Heath’s hit “I’m Not Who I Was” was written for his step mom after years of being apart. Brandon’s smooth voice and soulful, honesty had the audience enthralled with every word. The songs Brandon writes are full of feeling and his love of the Lord is evident in his music.

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Brandon Heath speaks to the audience.

“This week is an important week for me.” explained Brandon as he shared his story about his dream to be an astronaut. “God pays attention to our dreams and desires no matter how small.” Brandon continued. On Friday, the patch that Brandon designed for the latest NASA mission blasted off into space to commemorate a year long visit of astronaut Scott Kelly to the International Space Station.

With hundreds of beams of light illuminating the venue, the audience rose to their feet to welcome Third Day. A full 16 person choir and special musical guest, Harvest Parker, joined the group for a mix of old and new songs from their latest album, “Soul On Fire.”

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Powell sings praises to the Lord at the Amphitheater

Third Day is an award winning Christian rock band from Georgia that was founded in the 1990’s by lead singer Mac Powell, guitarist Mark Lee and former member Billy Wilkins. With hits that span more than two decades, this Grammy Award winning band has been sharing their message and their love of Jesus with audiences around the world. Thursday’s audience, with their arms in praise sang along to their hits “Children Of God”, “God of Wonders”, “King of Glory” and “Cry Out to Jesus” to name a few. To encourage audience participation, Third Day made sure the words of every song scrolled along the top of the stage, giving everyone the opportunity to worship along with the uplifting song from their many albums.

Over 1600 fans braved the storms to see Third Day and Powell thanked them for their support. “This is not the biggest crowd but it is one of the loudest.” he said as the crowd went wild. “If we could we would take you on the road with us. We love coming here!” Powell shouted.

Closing out the evening with a song off their new album, “Victorious,” Powell pointed to the crowd at every down beat. “I love music that worships Jesus!” he shouted. Guitarist Lee threw guitar picks to the crowd and the band left the stage bringing everyone in the audience on their feet cheering and praying for an encore.

To the delight of the audience, the band came back on stage. “As long as you keep listening to music we will keep making it!” Powell explained.

Finishing the set with “I Believe” and “Worthy Is The Lamb” the voices in the audience were as loud as the band. Closing the set with an Amen and a message from Powell to read Romans 12, the group, arm in arm took their final bow. The “Soul On Fire Tour” lifted the souls of many in St Augustine with a reminder of the power of Faith and a concert not soon forgotten.