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St Augustine Beach Police Department Host The Award Winning National Night Out

National Night Out

Taking A Tour

Neighbors came together last week to celebrate the 25th National Night Out at the St Johns County Pier Park. Hosted by the St Augustine Beach Police Department, this county wide event had visitors attend from all around the county. This national event is usually held in August, right before school starts but due to the hot summer weather in Florida, this year the agencies decided to hold it in October.

National Night Out

Flagler students help out

With food provided by The Oasis Restaurant and Sunset Grill, families did not have to worry about dinner and came out in droves to enjoy the scenery and learn a little more about their community. Making visits to see first hand what is used to protect us and keep our community safe, everyone was engaged and having fun. Along with our government law enforcement agencies, there were booths set up providing information from non-profit agencies as well as St Johns County social service agencies.

Officer Mark Samson, an officer with the St Augustine Police Department was there handing out free bike helmets to the children. It is a law in Florida; any child under the age of 16 is required to were a bike helmet while on a bike. Through grant funds, over 200 bike helmets were purchased and given away to any child who needed one. More helmets are being ordered to be handed out at another time.

Volunteers from Flagler College, Sequoia Doetch and Christine Collins had information on the new “Yield To Life Campaign”. Officer Samson had nothing but praise for the volunteers. “No matter how big or small you are, without our volunteers these events would never happen.” he said. There were 40 motorists, bike or pedestrian related crashes last year alone and the “Yield To Life Campaign” hopes the information provided will keep us all safe and reduce the number of crashes

National Night Out

Stana, Stacey & Ryan enjoy a bite

National Night Out

Bryson and Caylen with their mom and dad

Seven year old Bryson a second grader at Otis Mason and four year old Caelyn, a student at Beacon of Hope came with their parents, Jazmine Knight and Gregory Hawkins. Asked what they liked about the event Bryson responded, “I liked the helicopter best. I saw all the important stuff inside.” he said. Caelyn was impressed by the policemen. “They are there to protect us.” she said. “Just like our parents do.” she continued.

Ten year old Stana, a student from RB Hunt was enjoying the evening with her mom Stacey and friend Ryan. Sitting at a picnic table having a bite to eat, Stana was enthralled by the evening.“I liked the helicopter best and all the free stuff” she said. When asked about the police Stana said, as a matter of fact, “If we have an emergency we can call the police. We can just call 911 and they will come to help.” she said.

As the evening wore on, the cool sea breeze and a beautiful sunset was enjoyed by all. With prize baskets and free bikes to give away you could feel the electricity in the pavilion as the crowd waited in anticipation for a winner. While McGruff the Crime Dog entertained the crowd, Chief Hardwick got ready to pull the lucky tickets. With everyone distracted, the chop, chop of the helicopter began. The time had come to lift off. As the helicopter swung a few circles around the park with it’s spotlight shining down, off it went into the “wild blue yonder” until next years National Night Out.