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The St Augustine Record Fair...Spin Out With ToneVendor

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Searching For A Treasure!

Vinyl Is Here To Stay The St Augustine Record Fair

Nothing beats the sweet pop of a vinyl record as the needle lands on the spinning disk. Sunday afternoon, the St Augustine Amphitheatre welcomed families with live music, homemade healthy food and the opportunity to search and find a treasure.

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The Best Of Cynthia plays at the Record Fair.

Sponsored by Tonevendor, along with The Friends of the St Augustine Amphitheatre, over 20 dealers brought their wares and met at the amphitheater to share their love of music with locals as well as visitors to the oldest city. Boxes and boxes of vinyl, both old and new sat on tables for all to flip through. With records priced from one dollar to hundreds of dollars,the St Augustine Record Fair was a welcome addition for vinyl collectors.

Many people came to spend the day at this family friendly event. Food trucks offering healthy, fresh food were on-hand and guests had a choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner. With music provided by local DJ’s including a special live musical treat by the band “The Best Of Cynthia,” all a visitor had to do was grab a bite and a seat at one of the picnic tables to enjoy the day. With the support of the Friends of the St Augustine Amphitheatre, even the tiny tikes were entertained with face painting and a bounce house to help get rid of that extra energy.

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Jeniffer Camillo helps a customer at her booth.

Record dealer Jennifer Camillo came all the way from St Pete to spend the day. “I got into this as a hobby.” said Carmillo. “It has almost becomes an obsession.” she confessed.

Bringing over 1000 records to the show, Camillo has something for anyone and in all price ranges. It was nonstop with people buying records at her booth.

“It is amazing.” exclaimed Camillo. “The customers range from little kids to the older generation.”  she continued.

With the range of prices, even a kid with allowance was able to find something he or she could afford.

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Music Memorabilia

According to Camillo, there are record shows held throughout the state of Florida. “You can find shows in Orlando, Tampa and Gainesville.” she said. “And of course St Augustine. This show just keeps getting bigger.” Camillo continued.

The weather was perfect for this event. A cool breeze blew off the ocean and as the customers left with their treasure in hand there was no question on how they would spend their evening. With a newly purchased record on the turntable and the album cover in hand with the printed words so you can sing along to the tunes. Yup….Vinyl is here to stay!