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They Made Our Dreams Come True-Hall and Oates Play St Augustine

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Talent & Music Fill The Skies Of St Augustine When Hall And Oates Play

Under a full moon and a cloudless sky, rock legends Darrel Hall and John Oates played to a sold out audience at the St Augustine Amphitheatre on Saturday night. These two boys from Philly put on a show with music that spanned the decades.

What began as a chance meeting in an elevator in 1967, started one of the most influential musical duos of the century. With hundreds of songs written and composed by Hall and Oates, it is no wonder they were named America Music Awards Favorite band, duo or group for three years in a row, 1982, 83 & 84. Their greatest fame came in the 1970’s and 1980’s and with over 56 recorded albums to their credit, a worldwide favorite Abandoned Luncheonette was ranked in the top 1,000 albums of all time. In 2014, to the delight of friends and fellow musicians, the two were most deservedly induced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Mutlu plays to the delight of the audience.

Although this duo has never really faded from view, both have continued composing music and performing live. Darrel presently produces the show “Live From Darrel’s House.” With friends and fellow musicians the gang play, talk and eat just like friends hanging out in Darrel’s living room.

One of the first guests on Darrel’s House was the nights backup singer Mutlu. Mutlu Oranal is another Philly boy and brought the same soulful, blues sound that comes from the Philly streets. Mutlu sat on the stage with guitar in hand and wowed the audience with his jam. His smooth and soulful vocals and deep emotional eyes, made everyone an instant fan. When he played “Hypnotized” he took it to another level and made the audience sit up and take notice. Although he played less than five songs, this gifted Philly singer-songwriter “brought-it” to St Augustine and held his heart on his sleeve for all to see. Philly you should be proud of your hometown boy!

Hall and Oates hit the stage with the song “Maneater” bringing the cheering crowd to their feet. Although the song was originally written about New York City, every man who has ever been in a relationship gone bad knows that song and the band played it with the energy and enthusiasm as if it were 1982. The hard core sax solo performed by Charles DeChant made us once again feel the “R” of the Rhythm & Blues. The band didn’t stop a beat and took it right into “Did It In A Minute” and they sure kicked it and “Did-It” once again.

Wearing their signature jeans, black tees, leather jacket and tinted glasses, no one would guess the two headliner are in their sixties. They can still bring the house down. Darrel Hall’s voice continues to be smooth as silk and as hard as rock, whatever the mood calls for and John Oates hits the guitar without an ounce of reservation. With (The Stewardess Song) “Las Vegas Turnaround” every voice in the audience was singing along with the band and it did not stop there.

“Every time we play live we play this song.” Darrel Hall addressed the crowd for the first time. In anticipation the audience waited. Taking it down a notch, the keyboard playing began and with three notes the audience was once again unrestrained and on their feet when they recognized “She’s Gone” followed by one of their biggest hits “Sarah Smile.” The guitar solos were outstanding and the sax made your heart skip a beat.

Hall and Oats Play St Augustine (62) (413x275)The audience was electric for their last song “No Can Do” and did not want to see the evening end. Cheers, whistles and great applause brought the band back to the stage once again and the audience crowded the stage for the encore performance of “Rich Girl” and ‘You Make My Dreams Come True.” With no less than two encores, Hall and Oates played as long as possible ending with another number one hit “Private Eye.” In the end, the band came to the front of the stage and bowed. Darrel pointed to the crowd and shouted, “St Augustine You Guys Are The Greatest.” Just like the concerts back in the day, drum sticks were handed to some lucky fan in the audience who most assuredly will treasure them FOREVER!.

There were no fancy pyrotechnics or big screens at this concert, just an eight piece band who played their hearts out. The talents of two men and their music was the star of the evening. Darrel Hall and John Oates know how to write a song and how to connect with their audience. They follow their own words and “Do What You Want To Do.” Fortunately for us, the two have been doing it and sharing their talents with us for almost a half of century.